Baroque: events made easy

Hi, welcome to Baroque’s documentation!

Baroque is a convenient event broker and an extensible framework for building event-driven applications.

The best way to get started is to explore some real life scenarios in which Baroque may help you with:

  • you want to keep in sync the values of two different properties of different software objects (as they change)
  • you want to log each and only deletion in a database table
  • you want to send a push notification to your devices every time an exception is raised in your super-critical production web applications
  • you want a selected pool of persons in the marketing division of your company to get an e-mail whenever somebody places a post on your company’s blog and that post contains specific words

...and so forth!

Baroque allows you to build higher level abstractions on the fundamental messaging pattern it implements: Publish-Subscribe

That’s because you don’t have to think about it - Baroque does the job for you and you’re free to focus on building valuable software that leverages the pattern

Baroque behaviour can be easily configured through a YAML file.

Read on and get more details in the next sections

Baroque API documentation

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